We would like to introduce ourselves as ACSP, Austrian Coins and Security Printing s.a.l. ACSP handles various businesses related to Central Banks, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior. We have the required expertise in assisting the Central Banks on the security printing such as banknotes, security documents, coins, equipments, tools and machines.

Brief History:
Since 1976 our accomplishments were the International Trade and Contracting Company. Trade includes paper, board, Security paper, metal, coins, engineering and consulting in all fields of coins and minting business, construction material …covering the Arab market.

By mid eighties we grew to be representatives of many European, Canadian and Asian companies in the above mentioned fields.

To continue with our expansion, by late 2002 we became the exclusive regional sales office for Austrian Mint Corporation (AMC) covering all the Middle East and Africa.

AMC is one of the oldest mint in Europe .Its long years of expertise has made it one of the best producer of gold coins, silver coins and circulation coins. AMC is 100% owned by the Central Bank of Austria. The sales, marketing and promotion of the production of AMC for Middle East and Africa belong to ACSP s.a.l.

Our main service is currently concentrated on the following:
Purchase of Scrap coins (non value, out of circulation)
Supply Banknotes and security documents such as passports, IDs, etc…
Purchase of raw silver and gold for refinery.
Supply of different kinds of coins (circulative and commemorative).
Supply of blank coins
Supply of security paper
Supply of counting and sorting machines
Supply of equipments and tools for Central Banks.

Chairman : Mr. Nabil Soubra
Address :
Justinian St. Aresco Tower-Hamra-Beirut-Lebanon
Tel/fax: 00961 1 755952/ 755953
P.O.Box 11-489
Email: acsp

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